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In addition to our Foundation programs, we are proud to support more than 20 programs and initiatives in Seminole County Public Schools that support our “A”-rated school district and have established the school district as a leader in Florida.

These programs include:

Crooms Business Advisory Council

Supporting Crooms Academy of Information Technology

The mission of the Crooms Academy of Information Technology’s Business Advisory Council is to support the goals of the school. The council provides advisory and partnership services to enable a smooth student transition into higher education and the technology workforce. The council creates awareness, facilitates growth and solicits support for the academy’s programs.

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E Pathways

Preparing students for 21st Century globally competitive work

Seminole County Public Schools (SCPS) created ePathways as a symbol of its commitment that high school graduates will leave our district with meaningful diplomas and a clear pathway to high-demand, high-wage employment. SCPS graduates will have both a broad understanding of careers and enough exploration of specific interests to have a clear plan for their future.

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Environmental Studies Center / Support the MudWalk 5K

Friends of the Environmental Studies Center

A distinctive and memorable aspect of elementary school education in Seminole County is the Environmental Studies Center. Otus the Owl (an Eastern Screech Owl) and the famous “filthy, fun Mud Walk” are two of the highlights of this uniquely Floridian program. Located in the midst of wetland habitats surrounding Lake Jesup, students get up close and personal with their natural world and the wonders of their Florida home.

An SCPS facility, the Environmental Studies Center is made possible through a partnership between the Seminole County School Board and Seminole County Board of County Commissioners. This cooperative program provides students an exceptional opportunity to explore and apply their observation and sensing skills to truly appreciate their classroom studies.

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Families in Need (FIN)

Removing educational barriers due to homelessness, poverty and/or abuse

Seminole County Public Schools homeless education program, Families In Need, provides services to ensure identified homeless children and youth have access to a free and appropriate public education by removing educational barriers due to homelessness. The objective is for students and families to reach stability as quickly as possible so they are able to return to their most important and empowering job – learning.

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Great Start

Pathways to Success

Great Start…Pathways to Success is a SCPS project designed to reach out to Seminole County parents of babies, birth to three, to provide information and a system of support. Great Start promotes parent education through structured play groups for parents and babies from at-risk families (defined for this program as low-income families, parents without a high school diploma and teen parents). Structured play groups focus on child development especially in the areas of vocabulary, oral language and essential early literacy skills necessary for future school success.

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Midway Safe Harbor

High-quality after-school programs for K-12 grade

The objective of the Midway Safe Harbor program is to enhance the regular school day through high-quality after-school programs for K-12 grade. The Harbor provides academic and personal enrichment in the core content areas of reading, mathematics and science with a focus on literacy, as well as support literacy development and other educational services to the families of regularly participating students. All services and activities provided are no cost to the students and their families as 90% of them participate in their school’s free lunch program.

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School Safety and Security

Creating positive learning environments and promoting kindness between all individuals

Seminole County Public Schools is committed to creating positive learning environments and promoting kindness between all individuals. This is only possible by creating a safe environment through the support of our community, parents and educators.

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Seminole High School Turf Field Project

One Community - One Field - One Seminole

To install a turf playing surface and all-weather rubberized track for our student-athletes, SHS clubs, and the Sanford Community. Our goal is to raise $1.3 million in order to complete this project during the summer of 2020.

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SCPS Professional Development

Recognizing our high performing educators and support staff

The Foundation provides the community an opportunity to enhance education in Seminole County Public Schools by supporting district programs such as teacher recruitment, volunteer retention and by recognizing our high performing educators and support staff.

The business community has opportunities to support these programs and events through a variety of events.

Young Men & Women of Excellence

Increasing graduation and achievement rates of minority male and female students

Young Men & Women of Excellence (YMWOE) in Seminole County Public Schools is an innovative program with a vision of increasing the overall graduation and achievement rates of minority male and female students in SCPS. YMWOE is in six of the nine high schools and currently serving over 400 students.

By mentoring, coaching and facilitating academic performance through proven methods of support and intervention, this program is helping young minority students overcome barriers at Lake Brantley, Lake Howell, Lake Mary, Lyman, Seminole, and Winter Springs High Schools. Working alongside teachers, counselors, families and students, this initiative seeks to enhance the social, emotional, academic and health outcomes for these students.