Dr. Paul J. Hagerty Teacher Technology Award

Every year, three SCPS teachers who demonstrate exceptional use of technology in the classroom receive the Teacher Technology Awarded. Recipients are teachers who seamlessly integrate technology into classroom lessons, engaging students and increasing their understanding. The $250 award is presented to one teacher for each level: Elementary, Middle and High School. This award is made possible through The Foundation’s Dr. Paul J. Hagerty Endowment Fund.

Keys to Your Character Award

The SCPS teacher who delivers the most innovative or successful character education program receives the $250 Keys to Your Character Award. This teacher, in the opinion of the judges, actively promoted character education throughout the year and saw changes in the way his/her students talked, treated others and the values they demonstrated through their actions.

Only teachers who teach a Character Education Program may apply, but classroom teachers who goes above and beyond the normal curriculum to make values an integral part of their lessons are given special consideration.

Nomination Process

Teachers may self-nominate or be nominated by another teacher/administrator in the district. Online applications are available every Spring.

Contact 407-320-0170 or for more information.

Teacher Award Winners 2019!

Dr. Paul J. Hagerty Teacher Technology Awards Winners

  • Jennifer Black – Wicklow Elementary
  • Naomi Gonzalez-Longstaff – Greenwood Lakes Middle

Keys to Your Character – Character Education Award Winner

  • Dimitrios Delazanos – Rock Lake Middle