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Among the 10 states with the largest enrollment of black male students, Florida has one of the lowest graduation rates, according to the Black Boys Report which analyzes state data and the National Center of Education Statistics.

By mentoring, coaching and facilitating academic performance through proven methods of support and intervention, the Young Men of Excellence Initiative and Curriculum is helping African-American male students in Seminole County Public Schools overcome those statistics.

Working intentionally and purposefully with teachers, counselors, families and students, this initiative seeks to enhance the social, emotional, academic and health outcomes for African-American males in Seminole County Public Schools. The goals for the young men enrolled in the program are:

  • Increased academic performance
  • Increased test scores
  • Better relationships with peers, counselors and teachers
  • Greater leadership skills
  • Wider cultural learning opportunities
  • Decreased disciplinary issues
  • Increased SAT and ACT scores