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Together, parents, teachers, community leaders, business owners, corporate executives and government officials all work to shape the future members of our society. As a participant in the Superintendent’s Circle, you help ensure that today’s students become tomorrow’s productive, successful citizens.

Superintendent’s Circle members contribute an unrestricted gift of $1,000 or more annually to the Foundation for Seminole County Public Schools to support the more than 30 programs and initiatives that have established the school district as a leader in Florida and enabled an increasing number of our students to achieve their dreams of advancing to college after high school.

To learn more, contact Jean Vansmith, Executive Director, or donate online today.


  • Karen Almond
  • Susan Anderson
  • Sharon Arroyo
  • John Ashworth
  • Serita Beamon
  • Patrick & Kris Buchanan
  • Prasad Chittaluru
  • Tara Christensen
  • Darin Crafton
  • Patricia D’Alessandro
  • Paul & Paula Dawson
  • Syamala Dhanyamraju
  • Suzanne Dusch
  • Tanya Easterling
  • Dr. Walt Griffin
  • Dr. Eve Homburger and Brad Jacobs
  • Bette Jore
  • Boyd & Heidi Karns
  • Kristine Kraus
  • Shane & Danielle Larson
  • Jason & Janet Leclair
  • Brian Luc
  • Scott Macaione
  • Michael & Lisa Mang
  • Ralph Morris IV
  • Tiffany Pratt
  • Richard Read
  • Heath Ritenour
  • Brian D. Sackett
  • Dede Schaffner
  • Leah Schriver
  • Richard & Karen Sweat
  • Dona Tannler
  • Monica & Kiran Tipirneni
  • Stan & Kim Van Gundy
  • Jean Vansmith
  • Veritas Recruiting Group, LLC